Dreamscape Photo Events Rules
House rules:
* Not following these rules could lead to removal from a location and/or from the Dreamscape group.
* Keep it friendly and respectful.Discrimination and/or bullying will not be tolerated!
* The Dreamscape Team is the first point of contact if something happens during the shoots or online.
* As soon as we have compiled the final list of participants for an event, we will soon start arranging payments and your spot will be final. And we expect you to come. We also expect you to keep a close eye on this. If we have to remind / ask / can't reach you anywhere too often, the place will go to someone else on the reserve list (if there is one). After all, we also want to get the organization done quickly. Last minute cancellations are absolutely not accepted. Certainly not when it comes to a location with a hefty price tag. 
* Refunds will not be made in case of absence at the event. Have you paid and are you unexpectedly unable to come due to illness, a double appointment, etc.? It is allowed to pass on your place to someone else, provided that the Dreamscape Team is informed of this.
* Photos taken during our events may be used on our social media in consultation with the model and photographer.
* The use of photos taken at our events may not be used for commercial purposes.
Event Rules:
* Entering the location and attending the event is entirely at the visitor's own risk.
* The Dreamscape Team is not liable for any damage or injury to visitors and/or visitors' goods.
* The Dreamscape Team can deny access or remove persons from the location in the event of misconduct or violation of these conditions.
* During events, the use of alcohol or drugs is not permitted.
* Do you want to shoot with someone? Always ask the model and photographer. Is the answer “no”? Please respect this.
* You are free to work with whoever you want, nothing has to be done. Be polite in rejecting model/photographer.
* Respect each other's boundaries. Don't just touch a model. Ask for permission, for example, to properly pull hair or clothing.
* Don't claim a model/photographer for too long. Give everyone the chance to collaborate with someone.
* Discrimination and/or bullying will not be tolerated!